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Posts published in “Day: June 19, 2020”

How to Get Free Skins in League of Legends (LOL)

Despite nearly all skins at the shop costing Riot Points, there are a number of methods that allow any participant to obtain some skins that are select completely free. Aside from getting LOL skins from third party sites, you get also get them by following the steps below.

how to get free skin in lol

Get Free Skins in League of Legends (LOL)

No. 1 Like the Official Page of League of Legends

  1. Find the official League of Legends Facebook page. This may be reached by looking up”League of Legends” to your FB search bar and selecting the page together with the verified tick.
  2. Image titled Get Free Skins on League of Legends
  3. Click “Free Riot Girl Tristana”.
  4. In case you don’t possess Tristana as a champion, you’ll also obtain the Tristana champion in addition to the skin.
  5. Select the region in that your League of Legends account is enrolled in the app.
  6. Just like the official League of Legends Facebook page via the app. You’ll be taken to the next step if you have liked their page.
  7. Receive the code for the skin. You have the possibility to split the fact that you got this skin to your friends via social media platforms.
  8. Redeem the code. To begin with, you will need to log into League of Legends. Open up the store and choose codes. You can enter the code which you’re given into the black rectangle. Once you click submit, the skin (and Tristana winner if you do not yet own her) will be applied to your accounts.
  9. Each skin code may simply be used and will only work if you’ve chosen the correct server place to your account. It’s best to open a ticket up using the League of Legends customer service staff, if you notice any difficulties that are sustained.

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No. 2 Subscribe to LOL’s Youtube Channel

  1. Fix the server so that it complies with the machine used on your own League of Legends account and form”/youtube” at the end of the URL. This will direct you to the app on the League of Legends website that links your YouTube accounts.
  2. Click on the”Login” button and enter your account data along with the suitable captcha code.
  3. Click on”Register” to allow League of Legends to join your YouTube account.
  4. Permit League of Legends access to your YouTube accounts so that you may subscribe to the station. The process will be unchanged if you’re already subscribed to the channel.
  5. Enjoy your fresh Unchained Alistair skin. You will get him combined with the 18 if you don’t own Alistair as a champion.
  6. If you experience any problems with this process it is always recommended to submit an inventory with the League of Legends customer service staff. Include a print display of the problem so the problem can be solved quickly.

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No. 3 Follow LOL’s Twitter Account

  1. Click “Access Garen and his Dreadknight epidermis” to deliver up the Twitter program that enables you to receive the code by following the League of Legends Twitter account.
  2. Give the Twitter program authorization to proceed with the next and receive the skin code.
  3. Recall that skin tags can only be used once and will only function if you have chosen the right link to your respective server region.
  4. Redeem the code. You will need to log in to the customer being used by League of Legends. Open up the shop and codes. You can now enter the code which you have been given to the rectangle. Once you click submit, the new skin (and winner in case you don’t have Garen) will be applied to your account.


Have you acquired your new skin already? If not, try it now! As we have mentioned, with just a few clicks, you can have your newly skin for free. If you need any help from our team, just send us a message.